Here’s an empowering solution to improving your health that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical medicine or surgery…

The #1 way you can reduce your ailments is to get your body moving. ‘Movement’ may look different for everyone – but the real answers to alleviating pain are through exercise and nutrition.

Learn how Crossfit lead orthopedic surgeon Matt and physical therapist Lynn down an entirely different road than many other physicians.

This niche workout has impacted far more than just getting them in shape; it’s positively affected their role in the community, improved their nutrition, influenced how they travel and has also played a significant role in improving both of their lives and health.

The group discusses the future of medicine (and the fear of where it’s headed!) plus this reality check: It’s time to stop relying on anyone other than yourself to improve your body’s agility and ability.

PS – Buyer beware of pharmaceuticals!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The benefits of Crossfit (not just the workout aspect)
  • How Crossfit impacted the way Matt and Lynn approach medicine
  • The truth about how hard you need to work out to make a difference (especially when you age!)
  • The McKenzie method assessment for muscular skeletal conditions that correctly gives you the treatment you need

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