Here it goes my honest truth…

  1. I am not good enough for you by myself! 
  2. I am not self-made!
  3. I am made from my team! 
  4. I am made from your team! IMG_9881

We are all made through unity and connections. Ben Bergeron even states that connections are one of the most essential elements in health and longevity. Then why are we all so afraid to ask for help? To admit we are learning and growing together? To push each other? (I could debate this and might in a future blog post but right now I want to talk about YOU! And how these statements affect you!!) 

It is essential for you as an athlete to know and understand the people you need on your team. You as an athlete need not only programming but people that you trust. You are placing your career, your injury risk, your body, your health, your mindset, and your outcomes in their hands as much as in your own.  

Did that just freak you out a little? 

It should freak you out as the athlete and as a coach to understand the magnitude of your impact! 

Deep Breath! 

Now that your breathing is back under control, let’s talk about testing the shit out of your team on the front end.  You should make sure that all the members of your team are talking to each other and willing to grow and debate together. Your team members should push each other as hard as they push you. 

I want to share my analysis as her movement and recovery specialist


I want to share her coaches analysis 

Merissa 1

We all learned during this analysis. Our athlete, Merissa, felt and explained things from her perspective. She explained what she was focused on during the sets. 

Todd, her coach, programmed this strength cycle for her to provide her with max strength gains for specific events. He explains his programming to her as the beginning of each cycle and it is her responsibility to know and carry out that expectation. Todd is looking at how to enhance her performance. 

Me, Nicole her movement coach, I am looking and assessing her movements to prevent injury and enhance her recovery so she can perform optimally for a full season and a lifetime. Over the course of the last 5 years, Merissa has had several injuries that lead to movement compensations. I program for her to alleviate those compensations. I analyze looking for asymmetries, strain in areas there should not be, rotations, compensations, pretty much anything that does not look normal. 

The crazy thing is Todd did not see her spinal rotation throughout the movement. I did not see her early elbow pull. Together we came up with her plan for the next few weeks and focused on both performance and movement optimization. Merissa knows and understands the plan, she can see visually what we are discussing. She has bought in and ready for another week of progression. 

The point is her team is better than just me. Her team is better than just Todd. 

“A coach’s role is to make a change in their metabolic process, speed, power, strength, coordination, and mental/emotional tolerances to move the needle forward towards better health and function. Programming can be focused on specific performance or athletic achievement, or general health goals.”

Todd Wise I Am Beards and Barbells 

My role is to make a change in their recovery and movement process. I want to affect not only their body at a muscular level but their mind aka motor control. I ensure that my athletes do not have pain, move correctly and as symmetrical as possible. I ensure that your foundation is always solid and you come back to a movement baseline after the competition which can create asymmetries naturally. 

Nicole Woodard DPT, OCS Mobility Athletes 

I am going to give full 100% credit of this analogy to Todd Wise but here are all the members you need on your team as an athlete and their role 

blue coupe on brown concrete road

Photo by Max Ddos on

If athletes were race cars 

  • Coaches improve the engine  and cars ability to run at top speed
  • Hands-on chiropractors, massage therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturists, etc work to fix the dings, body, and frame 
  • Movement Specialist (Physical therapist, kinesiologist) change the tires, breaks, and fluids and take the car out for slow speed test drives 
  • Nutrition coach makes sure the fuel mix is correct 
  • Mental skills coach or sports psychologist makes sure the driver is skilled


Once you vet your team and you have selected your group… Now it is your job to go all in. Trust them. Develop alongside them. Help them develop and grow as much as they help you! If you have a team and programming you trust, that is without holes, you will be unstoppable. Be a savage towards your goals, do not second guess yourself or your team. You have all done the work on the front end. Now go reap your rewards! 

If you are looking for a movement specialist/ physical therapist for your team send a message on Facebook or Instagram we would love to connect and see if we are a good team together! 

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