1. “This (Crossfit) is an activity and when people become frustrated that is disheartening to me. Every day when you train it should remove stress and be fun”

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  2. Focus on perfect technique and set up EVERY SINGLE TIME
  3. Always know your goal for a skill and make sure that each part matches
  4. As adults, we forget what it is like to get dizzy and off-kilter its time for our bodies to learn again: handstand holds, forward rolls, splits, and cartwheels are a MUST!
  5. “Bite the bullet now and reap the benefits for a lifetime”
  6. You need to stretch 20 seconds to 2 minutes every single day 3-4 x rather than one big session to make max gains


  7. Relax your shoulders for a bigger range of motion
  8. Wrap your thumb not only for safety but also to engage your lats more
  9. Life stories are beautiful and messy and best shared on cool summer nights with great friends


    10. Repetition, consistency, and mindset are the keys to success Unknown-1

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