What do you value more: time or solutions?

Have you ever been blessed with the ability to realize…

Oops, I am a hypocrite?   No? Well, then you have not been living and connecting enough. I had the amazing opportunity to grow and look inward as I was connecting with Dr. Sean of Active Life RX. It is a conversation that will change the way I train my clients and the way I will manage my life and business.   But, will this information change the way you train or operate your life?

Dr. Sean: “I hope I am not overstepping my bounds here but …  YOU ARE VALUING TIME MORE THAN SOLUTIONS”

How many times have I said to get off the foam roll! Spending 20 minutes foam rolling your back feels good, YES, but it did not move your performance forward at all.  Is training 4 hours a day better than training 1 hour a day? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are training 4 hours a day on compensated movement patterns and you think the extra training time and volume will move you forward in the sport, you are sadly mistaken. Even if it appears to be the solution temporarily, it is not a long term solution because you will end up with an injury and out of the game!

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness.jpg

We must value SOLUTIONS from others and ACTION to carry out those solutions from ourselves. This is the only way that success can be created.   We all have the same 24 hours in a day. We cannot make more time. We can take advantage of more time though by offering solutions that are effective and time-saving.

Sean offered me a bold truth: I was valuing time spent with my clients over the solutions offered! I valued the hour-long assessment call because 60 minutes seemed like a  reasonable investment to me. Most of the time, there are simple solutions that arise from your assessments within the first 15-20 minutes. I did not value the solution, I valued the 60 minutes. This is a fatal mistake not only in my business but in your training.

I was doing in my business the exact opposite of what I am teaching my clients to do in training. Mobility Athletes is in the action and accountability game. Moving forward with all our monthly programs and assessments you can expect to leave the conversation with your solution and know-how to implement. Your first day will be the day you move the worst because from then on you have the custom solutions to start moving better.

The lesson I teach is to get a custom-tailored program and learn how to capitalize on it with 15-20 minutes every single day.

Focus on your limitations by systematizing, staying consistent, and allowing your performance improvement to follow.   A crazy statement Sean shared about his own business of coaching clients was:

“The most successful ones are the ones that come prepared for our talk and within 6 minutes we have a solution and they are off the call to put it into action.”

How much better of an athlete could you be, if together we find the solution and you then take the action to carry it out? How much better will your performance be if you focus on the solution rather than more time, more volume? How much longer can you be the athlete you want to be if together we create solutions? How many more people can I impact with Mobility Athletes if I focus and value solutions over time? This is how we change the world! This is how you change your world!


Let’s start valuing a solution with a tested and proven outcome (performance, mobility, or business!) Let’s stop thinking more time, more things, or more noise will be the answer!   I want to leave you with one more note on valuing time over solutions. There is one circumstance that I do not think this is appropriate for family and relationships. There are no quick solutions to missing out on time with family, especially spouses and children. A very wise man once said, “With children, it is quantity time over quality time.” You cannot have a solution to take them on a mommy-son date night once a month because you have not had dinner together in 3 weeks. You have to do the reps to reap the rewards here. Here, time is the solution!

Unfortunately, this is the one area I see myself and others devalue time and increase the value on solutions.

Sometimes time is the answer but is it your solution or is it your cop-out to avoid the commitment to the real solution?