Be the best you can be. Treat others the way you want to be treated. And do what’s right.


The above three sentences make up “The Rule of Life.” I was introduced to this mantra when I was a young elementary school student. Mr. Lane, a beloved P.E. teacher in my small community, created this statement. What started as a way for him to begin each of his class sessions, quickly became a way for the entire school to begin every Monday through Friday during morning announcements. Any student who attends Western Wayne Elementary School during Mr. Lane’s active teaching years was fortunate to have the Rule of Life instilled in their memory.


Almost 20 years later, and I still try to live every day with The Rule of Life as guidance for my decisions and actions. However, as I have evolved as a member of the CrossFit community, this mantra has taken on a whole new meaning.


As I have grown and started developing my own business within the health and wellness industry, one aspect has become incredibly apparent to me: to reach the highest level of success within your chosen sport, it is not the athletic ability, but the mindset, attitude, and outlook that what separates the very best from even the most elite athletes.


Be the best you can be.

The very best athletes are constantly striving to be better. They are willing to make sacrifices for the 1% details in all aspects of their lives regardless of the inconvenience, lack in popularity, or cost.


Treat others the way you want to be treated.

To get to the top, these athletes know that stepping on others and ‘climbing the ladder’ will only hurt them in the long run. They appreciate everyone in their lives from spectators who want a selfie after a terrible event performance to the volunteer crew cleaning up the warm-up areas. To get the respect they know they must give it regardless of the situation at hand.


And do what’s right.

Life is full of choices, and sometimes the honest and ethical ones are the most challenging to face. Living a life of integrity is much more difficult than taking the easy way out, but to be the best, these athletes aren’t afraid of criticism and will look challenges dead in the eye knowing they will make decisions that they will be proud of in the long run.


The next time you find yourself questioning your performance in the gym, on the competition floor, or in the middle of a race, ask yourself, ‘am I truly doing EVERYTHING possible to be the best athlete possible both in and outside of training?’

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Everyone can give 100% for an hour of their training time. Only the ones who are giving 100% the other 23 hours a day will develop into the best of all time.

Start living each day with The Rule of Life in mind. You might be surprised what a lifestyle mindset can do for your athletic performance!