This week on Mobility Athletes Radio, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alysha Krall.

Alysha is pursuing her pro card in the sport of Ironman Triathlons. She competed at Kona last year and has qualified to compete again in the next month. Before finding her current sport, she ran at the Division One level for the University of Wyoming. After college, she moved to Australia where she dabbled in ultra marathons which ultimately led her to the athletic career she has today.

Alysha discusses what caused her to transition out of long distance and endurance running to the world of competitive Ironman training. She shares with us the lifestyle required for an athlete to become their best self and the choices required to become their truest self. In her adult life, Alysha has not only competed at some of the most elite levels, but she has experienced many obstacles and corners of the world. Her take-a-ways from these experiences have shaped her entire lifestyle and motivated her to become a better athlete.

Alysha works and races for herself, Love the Pain, and Fuereza Coffee. She is an advocate for female runners struggling with eating disorders, and now lives in Wyoming with her husband in a 6th wheel RV while they wait to build their tiny home.

Sample Training Cycle for Alysha:

Monday – Recovery day, recovery swim

Tuesday – Speed work on the track and a bike

Wednesday – Speed on the bike, hard swim, lift

Thursday – Strength workout on the bike, tempo run, recovery swim

Friday – Hard swim, lift, recovery run

Saturday – Long bike Ride, run off the bike

Sunday – Long run, open water swim or a recovery swim

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