Creating Life’s Big Vision Through the Details with Rachel Janitz

This week on Mobility Athletes Radio, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Janitz.

Rachel is a professional dancer in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. Her dancing career started at an early age but after a few years of missing performing while in college, Rachel auditioned for Colts Cheer and now is in her third season with the team.

On top of being a professional athlete, Rachel began her clinical career in the pediatrics operating room at Riley Hospital. Today, she is a Medical Device Sales Representative for Stryker Spine where she serves as a clinical expert in the surgery setting to orthopedic and neurosurgeons as they perform complex spinal solutions.

Rachel discusses the level of fitness, the dance skills, communication abilities, and more that it takes to have a role within the NFL. Just like many professional athletes, Rachel’s experience is not without challenge and injury. Early in her second season, an accident during a 13+ mile Spartan Race left her with a severely dislocated ankle, ruptured syndesmotic joint, broken fibula, talus, and ruptured tendons and ligaments. Through the adversity of injury and a year-long recovery, Rachel found a bigger picture and still had a winning season even on the sidelines at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Tune in whether you are professional cheer/dance hopeful or simply an athlete in any sport. Rachel’s advice on mindset and recovery can improve any goal or fitness avenue.

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