“I will do a triathlon if I can draft off you”


This is the answer I received as I asked some of my friends to join the triathlon team with me this year. And it brought back some serious memories and big revelations on my journey to become the athlete and the person I am today.

The bottom of the pyramid:



In the beginning of my cycling days, my dad would take me out on rides and he would let me draft the whole time. He would say just tuck in behind me and I will pull you and off we would go. When I rode alone, I was discouraged, frustrated, and let’s be honest I was riding my bike at 11 mph and crying the whole time.

It was the same on my journey to Crossfit, business, and even nutrition.  I would have to call my friends and husband and make sure they were going to class and then I would go. I needed a friend group that I could draft off. I showed up for socialization. I showed up because of my community.

Drafting takes the pressure off. It allows you to move more free, it allows you to take a break and someone else works a little harder. Drafting is a lot like teaching and inspiring. The teacher, mentor, friend, or group is working hard and with that they are pulling you along with them.

For a long time, I felt guilty or disappointed in myself for being in this stage but this is a very important stage. It helps you stay consistent. It teaches you what you need. It allows you to find people that you want to be like and then you start emulating them.

But don’t stay here FOREVER.

The middle of pyramid:



Katrin Davidsdottir said it best in her recent interview on Lewis Howes School of Greatness podcast. She said “my coach doesn’t have to tell me good job, he says my time and I know if that was my best or not”

In the middle of the pyramid, you may have a coach, mentors, friends, and a community but now you know your best. You know you are working hard. You use your community or coach to up level your game but you do not need them to pull you along.

You are self motivated. You spend time looking inward and reflecting. You have experienced and seen enough different things that you are able to set your own goals and aspirations. You are also able to create steps to achieve those and stay true to each step and yourself.

The top of pyramid:



At the top of the pyramid, you become a mentor for others. You inspire others by sharing your story and struggles. You coach others, you are an accountability partner for others, and you are the one in the wind allowing the newbies to draft off of you.

When you become a mentor, you do not need to perfect but you do need to be consistent. A mentor knows their goals and truths and stands by them. A mentor allows their light to shine so bright that others can’t see them but rather see the sun reflected on others faces.

Be the light for others. 


You probably notice that in different avenues of your life and even on different days that you are in each stage of this pyramid. There is no guilt or success associated with any level instead embrace the level you are in and find yourself pushing for the next level.

Use mediation, journaling, workouts, goal setting, belief setting, and relationships to keep moving you forward. And when you become a mentor, do 2 things.

1. Do not hesitate to help others and share in their journey, create for them and with them

2. Look for a new activity outside your comfort zone and find a mentor to draft off and start an new endeavor. The best things in your life start outside your comfort zone.

This is how you become your best and stay your best!

Where are you at in this pyramid in various parts of your life, fitness, nutrition, business, relationships, etc? Share this post and your revelations!