Start your off season right

Do you ever hold back just a little bit so when you fail you can say, “Ya but I wasn’t really trying” You give yourself those few excuses or outs?  You set up these safety nets in your life. You say you are ready to go all-in but then you hold back just a little. Or you make a back-up plan. I watch athletes do this all the time. (Hell, I do it all the time and catch myself) They invest in a program but they don’t fully commit to it. They invest in a coach but they only take some of their advice.  You need to start your off season right.

A  wise coach recently told me it is all about TRUST to join the team. It is not only trusting in the members of your team but also trust within yourself. Trust that when you step up you will be good enough.

I have struggled over the past year making sure  I was not self-sabotaging. I was learning when to invest in myself and how to invest in myself to ensure I was moving forward toward my goals. I developed a formula that I think all athletes, and anyone else for that matter, should use when determining how to spend not only their money but their most valuable resource: their time.

start your off season right

  1. Write down your core values and make sure you have items in place that ensure your resources are spent within your core values
  2. Evaluate the risks within your field and create a plan to mitigate them as much as possible
    • For example, as an athlete, you might spend time evaluating  points of weakness such as strength, your stamina, nutrition, etc
  3. Ask yourself, do my goals have a higher good?
    • This is important because when we live a life of fulfillment it is always for something bigger. Your skills, no matter what they are, were given to you for a purpose. Seek that purpose. 
  4. Once the above items are completed, create the team you need to fill in the holes to exploit your talents, to help others, and decrease your weaknesses. 
  5. Create a plan with a mission and vision
  6. Show up every damn day and follow that plan!


“When you stand toe to toe with a man and all you have are your hands to defeat each other you come with respect for yourself and for him. It is all you have, that and the desire to win. It is not about having fun. Getting punched in the face is not for fun.” -Todd Wise explaining why athletes should call their shot, feel confident, and stop saying “I am just here to have fun.”


This is your life. You are a professional athlete, a mom, a CEO, a business start-up, or any of the other numerous things you will be in your lifetime but first and foremost this is YOUR  life. Stop saying I am just here for fun. Stop saying it is just a little side thing. Stop laughing and shrugging it off when someone calls you an athlete or asks if you are going to win.


Not all the details of our lives can be controlled. Actually, most of them will be handed over to faith.

But you can control yourself, your goals, your reactions, and your relentless desire to live out your purpose at the highest level. 


Don’t hold back, push forward. The universe/God is always working in your favor. Change the world. The world needs you and your gifts. 

Get control of the big picture in the beginning, truly know what matters, and then… 


Push the rock (Tyler Pazik),


start your off season right

Stay Hungry ( Ben Bergeron),



Call your shot and Nail that shot (Todd Wise),

Be Relentless in your pursuit (Robert Greene)…



Whatever your slogan just move closer to your goals every day, stay laser-focused on the task at hand, make plans not excuses, and climb closer to your purpose.