Holler if you have heard me drone on and on about the Functional Movement Screen and how great it is! (yay you listen to me!!)


So then, why is it essential for fitness facilities including Crossfit to start integrating the Functional Movement Screen and it’s corrective exercises into our individual athlete programming?

Dang it… you don’t remember! Ok well here is Cory Neel one of the head coaches at Cross Fit Four Barrel to give you the low down and the why and the how! Trust him, he is a self proclaimed meat head in this interview so he has to know what he is talking about… besides that he holds multiple certifications and has coached hundreds of athletes to success. (plus he can pass the FMS, where this Mobility Mess is still a work in progress)


Step 1: When do you perform the FMS?

At Four Barrel Crossfit (located in New Albany, IN), our goal is to perform a Functional Movement Screen on all our athletes as soon as they walk in the door and sign up for class! 

Step 2-4: What happens after the screen?

  • Step 2: We have set cards that have correctives for each pattern included. We demonstrate the corrective exercises to the athletes and have them perform them for 10-15 before or after class each time they attend or at home


  • Step 3: We empower the athletes to know their score and their limiters of movement so that if they need a modification until their movement is clear they can ask the coach
  • Step 4: If there is pain at all on the screen, we send them to a physical therapist or medial practitioner like Mobility Physical Therapy and Wellness to make sure they are safe to participate and get full pain free movement restored

Step 5: Who performs the Functional Movement Screen?

  • Step 5: All of our coaches are certified to perform the screen


  • If classes are busy or back to back and unable to complete a screen on walk in day, we will always schedule them with our clinician for a set time to get their corrective program
  • With the app and website, coaches and clinicians can share scores and screen athletes so that you are prepared for athletes in class, especially the on ramp portion!

It seems like a lot of effort, free service, and time consuming…

Why do you include this with your athletes?

  •  It’s important to understand that people, whether it’s from sitting or
    just lack of development and motor control, come in and are not always prepared to do the extensive movements Crossfit requires and the FMS is a good way for us/ the coach to identify the problem and then fix it quickly so you can enjoy movement


“I like to think of it as like unlocking potential like if you know you’re running on five to six cylinders then what would happen if you could unlock that extra? What if your overhead squat becomes more efficient or easier? What if you unlock some extra range of motion your shoulder making gymnastics a little easier? ”

I think UNLOCKING POTENTIAL is the phrase for WHY the FMS is worth your time as an athlete or a coach.

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