Person 1: “Winter is going to be so bad this year”

Person 2: “What, really OMG I cannot wait, get my shorts ready!”

Who are you person 1 or person 2?

Person 2 is actually Jesse Coomer who this weekend introduced me and several other mobility athletes to the benefits of ice baths and the cold! He quoted Wim Hof himself saying “The cold is my warm friend”


I can run down all the benefits of the cold for you and I will be posting the research throughout the week but I wanted this conversation to be different. I wanted this conversation to be about 2 things

  1. Learning to embrace things that suck because guess what they are coming anyway (like winter)

  2. Reset your thoughts, words, and actions because you manifest your environment! Let’s find solutions not complaints


The weather is changing it is getting cold and your motivation is going with it. That bikini body of summer seems far off and the holidays are rolling in. Our offices are getting tons of delicious goodies and heck I am sneaking a Reeses from my sons Halloween bag as I write this!

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But what if this winter can be different? The cold can increase your white blood cell count (aka your sickness fighter cells) for 6 days after exposure on a winter walk or ice bath! It decreases inflammation. And if you go outside in the cold most days guess what you get??? SUNSHINE!

For the majority of us, we do not get low on vitamin D, start winter blues, and lose all motivation because the sun isn’t shining for most of us (like me in the past) it is because I just refuse to go out there in the sunshine AND THE COLD!

But this winter is different.

“Let’s make this winter a second summer” Let’s boost our immune systems, decrease depression, and run around joyfully together! We are the exception. We are the people that love winter!

Did you hear that? You love winter!

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This is where resetting your thoughts, words, and actions comes in! But in order to make this a habit, we need a cue!

What is your cue to stay inside? The cue to huddle under the covers, cry on your way to work, and in general be a scrooge about winter?


For me, it is waking up in the dark! It makes me feel like I have less hours in the day and that I am tired already.

Cue 1: You wake up in the dark

Old Habit: Roll over snuggle into the down comforter and flannel sheets OR grumble the whole way out of bed

New Habit: Hop out of bed put on slippers and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 mountain climbers, 10 open books, 10 burpees, and then settle with 3 sets of Wim Hof breathing or 5 min meditation with HeadSpace app


Old Reward: 10 extra minutes of sleep, warm bed, feel safe and secure, justification to not go to work or work hard!

New Reward: Increased dopamine, increased endorphins from exercise, improved posture, improved mindset, feeling more calm and motivated at the start of the day = more productive and better mood


Do you see how that worked? What is your new habit to create this winter so you like Jesse and I can enjoy the winter! It might be our best season yet! It might be the season that you find yourself and become happier than you have ever known!