Sacrifices Versus Priorities

I wanted to start this off by comparing Sacrifices Versus Priorities.  Let’s look up the definition of sacrifice to bring home the concept that there is negative energy surrounding the word and WOWZERS did I get my answer…


an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.

to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person

let’s ignore definition number one although if that does not bring about negative and scary images I do not know what will. Let’s talk about definition number 2. The act of “giving up” brings negative energy to the word sacrifice but when we look at the second part, it is something of value to you. We have talked a lot about core values and making sure we fill our buckets every day. (If you haven’t already, check out our other blog post on writing core values) The truth is, when I am looking at my life I ask myself 2 questions:

  1. Does this align with my core values (mine are passion, integrity, and unity)
  2. Does this fill one or more of my “life” buckets (family/friends, work, community/give back, financial, health)

When I answer yes to these 2 questions then the subject at hand is not a sacrifice. I am making it a priority.

the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.

We must shift our mindset and truly understand why…

Start with the statements below. Read and think about your feelings and then rewrite the statements and see if it feels any different.

I work hard and sacrifice a lot to be here

Feelings: exhaustion, overwhelm, never getting ahead, losing things I love due to “work’, out of alignment and flow

New Statement: I prioritize my training/employment and am 100% engaged when I am here

Feelings: in control, doing something you love, the feeling of start and endpoints to the work, freedom in choice, powerful

I sacrificed this for you… you owe me

Feelings: power-struggle relationship, feeling inferior, scared, frantic

New Statement: I prioritized our relationship and I am training/working less this week

Feelings: in alignment with core values and top priorities, in control, peace, understanding

Sacrifices Versus Priorities – I do not sacrifice anything

Feelings: selfish was my first thought when I saw this but now I know this is a powerful statement and one that tells me this person cares about themselves, and their core values above all else.

New Statement: I prioritize the things that are most important in my life.

Our words are powerful. They can raise your energy and create inner power and peace or they increase overwhelm, hostility, neediness, and dependency on others. It is powerful when we realize that we are in control of our lives and priorities and that we do not have to give up anything we love for another being. Even in the hardest circumstances of my life and made drastic changes, I have reflected and been able to answer ‘yes this is in my core values’ or ‘yes this fills one or more of my life buckets.’ This is how I know something is a priority that matters to me. This is how I can control myself and my life in an uncontrollable world.  Now we understand when asking, Sacrifices Versus Priorities, which is the clear winner.

  1. What are your priorities right now?
  2. How are you changing statements in your life?