Hello #mobilityathletes!!. Tina here….taking over the blog this week.  It’s crazy to think that just over a week ago I performed my first rugged maniac.  What is a rugged maniac?  Its a 5k course made up of 25 obstacles.  Now I wish I could tell you that all that I overtrained for this race and was confident going into race day….well I am not going to lie to you in my first blog post 🙂 . While it’s definitely not an easy course, I surprised myself by just how much I was able to do.  I had joking made that my goal was to successfully complete 5 of the 25 obstacles.  Well first 5 obstacles in and I had accomplished that goal.


Thought I would share some of the highlights from the race.


One of the first obstacles I encountered was the Commander crawl.  Essentially its a pile of mud where you crawl under the barbwire.  You can tell from these pictures that I was trying to avoid crawling through the mud.  The first picture I took the approach of climbing over the barbwire.  Well eventually they got too high where I could no longer climb over and I had no choice but crawl under the barbwire.



One of the next obstacles we came up to was the Claustrophobia.  Now this one surprised me.  I had scoped out the course before the race and had chalked this one up as an “Easy” obstacle but boy was I wrong.  The concept is easy enough, they dug a tunnel under the ground and you crawl through it.  What I didn’t expect is crawling into the hole, its completely dark and you can’s see the end of it.  You have no idea how far it is to the and, all you can do is keep crawling.  When you get to the end of the tunnel, the tunnel starts to go up and you think you are almost done….well there is a tarp over your back at this point and it almost feels like you are being smothered.  I had no idea that this would cause me to have a panic feeling and that this mental obstacle would end up being the hardest for me for the day.  Thanks to some motivation from my friend behind me and some deep breathing techniques, I was able get out of there without a panic attach.

One of the best things I witnessed that day was the kindness of so many strangers.  There were so many obstacles where you had to climb several feet in the air.  Several people would get stuck at the top and you saw strangers talking them through their fear and to overcome the obstacle.  In another obstacle, a man lost one of his shows in a mud pile.  Like literally the mud swallowed his shoe and no one could see it.  Several men jumped back into the mud pile and dug through piles of mud to help him find his shoe.

The final obstacle of the day was called the Mount Maniac.  You first start by climbing a warped wall and then continue climbing between shipping containers under you reach the top and the slide to victory.  I loved this one!!  Climbing the warped wall, I ran at full speed hoping strangers would grab my arms as I reached the top of the wall.  I made it on my first attempt.  Reaching the top of the slide, you slide down into a pile of water and mud and it is the perfect way to end a race to remind yourself “Don’t forget to have fun”


It was a cold, muddy, crazy-fun, cold and my feet were squishy most of the race but I wouldn’t change that day for anything.  Everyone surprised me that day bust mostly I surprised myself.  We are capable of doing anything we put our mind too, just remember if you believe you can do it, you can!

Life is so much better when you’re laughing!


Happy Thanksgiving week to my Mobility family.