Owning A Successful Crossfit Affiliate with Crossfit Bison

Owning A Successful Crossfit Affiliate – Crossfit Bison 

The overall United States affiliate cup winners of the Crossfit Open join us on the show about how they have garnished so much success in their box locally and now on a larger scale. If you are looking for the way to lead a great box from members to coaches to programming then this episode is for you… and if you did not know yet, the Crossfit Open fuels it all for Crossfit Bison!

1:30 From finances to starting Crossfit Bison

“You need a servant caliber in your life to be successful”

5:00 Pushing the Open forward in the gym 

6:24 Leaderboard for affiliates and the changes over the last several years 

10:30 The foundation of Bison

It is so important to use the gym to impact someone’s life. “I could go around the gym and give you a story on everyone’s life” 

11:22 founding principles around the Open 

12:45 – 13:10 Advice on opening gym

“You have to go in a maintain the servants attitude 

17:00 biggest growing moments 

20:30 Programming around the Open 

24:35 Coach and programmer learning about deficiencies 

34:35 keep the variety, keep the volume moderate 

35:00 top priorities with coaching over the years 

36:15 – 36:25 (for the Instagram) 

40:00 What do you need from Crossfit Headquarters? 

46:22 where to find Crossfit Bison