People have been flabbergasted and in awe since our announcement that we will be focusing on our online business.  Most people have no idea what we even mean when we say Telehealth!

IMG_1689.JPGWe have heard:

“How in the heck does physical therapy work online?”

“What are you doing for clients in Texas and California?”

We do movement assessments with our clients. Our clients, in the convenience of their home, are able to set up their phones or laptop and then follow instructions and we can decipher if they are moving efficiently or not. We ask them things like touch your toes, touch your hands behind your back, do the cobra pose, and many more movements that allow me assess pain, joint and muscle limitations, as well as times when your brain is limiting your body.


You should care if you are moving efficiently or not because inefficiency leads to injury and/or poor performance.


If you have an ongoing injury or have had an injury in the past then you care about injuries. If not, I am guessing you just care about the performance piece. I promise eventually you will, and should, care about both and we want to achieve both. I love watching my clients compete in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s healthy and loving it!

6 reasons that we have decided to pursue Telehealth

  1. Your convenience. Because we are online we can meet at times that most people cannot. For example, scheduling in the evening after work and your workout.
  2. My convenience. When I do not have to be in a physical location away from home, I do not have to cluster appointments. This means I have more available times to work with you that work with my family schedule too! IMG_1689.JPG
  3. Develop a relationship that is long term. Because of the ease of access in Telehealth and our model of wellness, we have relationships with our clients for the long term. Many of our clients have been Mobility Athletes for 5+ years.
  4. Ease. The technology we use is easy to understand and operate. We use a video platform called Zoom and an app that you can easily download and have access to us anytime you need.
  5. High quality outcomes. Research and our own trials have shown us that Telehealth clients have equal outcomes as traditional in-person therapy. In 1 particular study, the Telehealth group had improved patient reported outcomes compared to the traditional therapy.
  6. Follow up is immediate. You know how sometimes you forget to ask questions and then you have to remember and wait until next time to ask? Not with our app! You can send us an immediate message and we will get you an answer!


What our Telehealth model looks like for our Mobility Athletes: