My Why with Professional Crossfit Athlete Alexys Dtiole

Alexys Dtiole came on the scene strong in 2015 with a Cali Regional Debut but had a huge season this year placing 56th worldwide and 25th in the US in the Crossfit Open.

Alexys not only trains full time but also works full time in the corporate world. She has battled injuries and come back better than ever by dialing in her recovery and health. 

Do not miss Alexys competing again in Cali at West Coast Classic Crossfit Sanctional. 

Her Why: To inspire others to work hard and enjoy the process of increasing your body awareness, recovery, and the science behind how we move! 

1:00 Alexys background as full time professional and full time athlete and how her single mother upbringing showed her how to work hard 

“I can still leverage my strengths in the professional environment to grow in Crossfit” 

Fun fact: Alexys works for corporate that cover Ben and Jerry’s and she has never had Ben and Jerry’s 

4:35 Regiment and schedule

Learning how to recover and take care of health moved the needle from 2019 -2020 Open placement 

7:55 Injuries: Mechanics and the way we move causes injuries not Crossfit. Come into gym focused and ready to go. 

15:30 Women and weight lifting

16:48 I can go anywhere (15 second video clip) 

20:00 New Sanctional Season set up and training breakdown

26:30 Kobe Bryant legacy and its effect on Alexys 

31:00 advice for new recreational athletes to crossfit 

31:20-32:20 (1 min media clip) 

33:00 advices to be competitive crossfit athlete 

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