My Why with Crossfit Athlete Paige Henry

Crossfitting for 10 years and just moved from Pennsylvania to California to coach and train at Crossfit Southbay. Not only a big move in location but when she started she had to be spotted to bench press a 35lb barbell and now is an elite professional crossfit athlete. 

2:00 How Paige went from unable to do a pull up or move an unweighted barbell to 20 strict pull ups and 60 kipping pull ups unbroken, 

4:50 Started her athletic career in swimming but never fall in love with a sport and trained as an athlete until Crossfit 

7:00 the move from PA to CA 

9:30 Crossfit explode programming gym and personal + training herself + Olympic lifting coach

Write down all weaknesses and hit a checklist 

“There is nothing more fun than class workout” 

12:00 my Why being around others while you are doing and building something you love. 

Paige’s why is COMMUNITY! 

13:30 Training Regiment 

Links from episode 

Paige Instagram https://www.instagram.com/phenry771/

Gym in PA: http://crossfitexplode.com

Gym in CA: https://www.crossfitsouthbay.com 

Training partner: www.instagram.com/maura_estrada

One of Paige’s idol athlete: www. instagram.com/camillelbaz