Awareness to Win with High Performance Coach Tyler Pazik

Whether you are a recreational Crossfit athlete or a professional Crossfit athlete the objective steps that Coach El provides will help you be your best everyday.




.45 –   How Coach El got his start with Brute

3:00 – Programming for the aerobic and anaerobic system

“You have to have a pre requisite of strength in order to be able tap into and train your anaerobic system”

6:55 Coach El taking his Athletes to the Games

11:15 Crossfit Games training once you have qualified

“With Crossfit Games there are so many ways that an athlete can feel inadequate or like they don’t belong”

“The games matter but what matters more is how you handled the games… Who are you going to be on Monday when the Games are over”

16:00 Preparing as a coach for Crossfit Games

17:00 Open Season to Sanctionals training tips

“One of the greatest things to do is create a season for yourself”

  1. Know when you are competing
  2. Know when you need to peak
  3. Mandatory off season (Goal for 4 months)

20:00 How to recover your nervous system in the “off season”

28:00 Coach and athlete relationship

“Building a relationship with your coach could be the missing link to improving your fitness”

33:00 Cuing athletes


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