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Mobility Physical Therapy | Nicole

Founder | Physical Therapist

Nicole Woodard is the founder and physical therapist of Mobility Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC, a fully online Telehealth and wellness platform that serves Triathletes, runners, and Crossfit athletes.

Her clients include:

  • Olympic triathletes, hurdler, and shot-put athletes
  • Crossfit Games athletes
  • Professional Crossfit Elite Sanctional Athletes
  • Ironman and 1/2 Ironman athletes
  • Boston Marathon Elite Qualifiers
  • Kona Finishers
  • Moms, Dads, Friends, CEOs, Coaches, and others that care about their bodies and want to be athletes NOW not just in their glory days.

Before devoting her work full time to Mobility Physical Therapy and Wellness, Nicole was a physical therapist at a Division I university serving their sports teams in conjunction with athletic trainers and physicians. Nicole created and served as Sports Performance Coordinator at a local rural hospital, brining multiple health care and fitness professionals together to best serve middle and high school athletes as well as the community.

Nicole has written for Impact Magazine and been featured in multiple podcasts and YouTube channels. Nicole most thoroughly enjoys bringing her innovative practice model to others through mentorship in the physical therapy, Crossfit gym, and triathlon club arena. She has sponsored several events including local triathlons, Illiana Multisport, ultra-marathon events, and has culminated with a co-branded event, The Elite Experience with Power Branding LLC. The Elite Experience is an exclusive Crossfit Sanctional and Games recovery and social media coverage event for high level athletes and will be hitting the ride in June 2021 for Ride Across America.

In addition to being a positive force in physical therapy world, Nicole mainly enjoys spending time with her husband and son in their rural country home. She is also a recreational runner, triathlete, and Crossfit athlete completing 4 70.3 distance triathlons and several half marathons and local Crossfit competitions. She loves spreading positive energy, personal development, and giving away books and Refocus bands with empowering messages.

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