Bringing LightHeartedness to Crossfit with Josh Pirtle/ Fluffy Duck

If you ever wondered about the man behind the memes this is your chance to learn all about him and his passion behind Crossfit! 

We will ride the roller coaster of topics and emotions from humor to business to life advice 

2:00 How Fluffy Duck got started with Crossfit 

Did you know that he used to be Crossfit Cinderella ???? 


AB or rower 

Froning or Frazer 

Pre Workout or Protein Powder 

Hand in toaster or Marathon Row 

Pee your Pants every time on double unders or 1 time poop your pants on deadlift 

Who would you fight Ben Smith or Chuck Norris 

Hit in the face with 30lb wall ball or fall on face handstand walking

100 pull ups no grips or 100 ab mat sit ups 

11: 13 Favorite Crossfit Open Meme and Workout

13:10 Sanctionals 

17:30 Media Coverage for Games and Sanctionals 

18:32 Future of Crossfit 

Should we have a players association or a union? 

22:45 Privacy and ending Social Media 

25:30 Future plans will the memes continue or is there something new too? 

27:45 Elite Experience 

32:14 Leave 1 piece of advice for athletes or people 

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