Innovations in Crossfit Equipment with Mute Sports Equipment

Innovations in Crossfit Equipment with Mute Sports 

Mute Sports Equipment has entered the scene in the Crossfit equipment creation and sales! Mute Sports Equipment is on the road 250+ days a year providing free educational classes to gyms across the United States. Their philosophy is to build equipment that solves problems for athletes, programmers, and gym owners. Passion meets innovation with Mute Sports Equipment 

1:00 Meet Mute Sports 

1:40 How did Mute Sports start? 

3:50 “We had our jump ropes and that is where it all started” 

5:15 Day to day life 250+ nights on the road

9:00 Best tips for double unders

15:45 Using gym owner problem to create new equipment 

18:35 Advice for programmers when programming double unders instead of doubling and tripling the number 

23:45 Developing products for adaptive athletes

27:35 Best modification for pull ups 

30:00 traveling full time and homeschooling their daughter 

33:00 How children’s exposure to activity can allow them to learn and grow more 

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