I Run Like a Gazelle – Then why do you sound like an elephant, and look like a crazed lunatic?

It is because you have what one of my clients once endearingly nicknamed “dead butt syndrome.”

Running is a series of falling over and catching yourself elegantly time and time again with ease and efficiency. Running is hard and many people find it hilarious to create memes about how much they hate running…

But here is my dirty little secret. I love running. I love the high I get when I am running. I love to step outside for a run and know I could go for 20 miles just slugging down the road. But how do you get yourself to love it?

YOU RUN. And you run well and efficiently so you feel fluid, you feel light on your feet, you stride like the gazelle! That is when running is fun.

Here are the 4 best exercises to get rid of your dead butt syndrome and run more like a gazelle!

  • Wall March
  • Single leg Russian deadlift
  • Ankle Mobility
  • OTIS