I recently was involved in a leadership conference and we partnered up and had to find a topic we disagreed on. My partner and I found that I love fitness and she hates working out. The goal of the exercise was communication and learning how to actively listen. 

As we progressed through the active listening exercises, I was heart broken because I could tell my partner was struggling and I wanted to give her a life line. It was then, I realized there are so many people out there that feel this same way and it is unacceptable and TIME FOR CHANGE! 

We had to exchange reasons for our love and hate of fitness back and forth and I want to share her side of the story today 

I hate fitness because it makes my knees and back hurt 

I hate working out because it takes away time with my family 

I hate working out because it makes me sweat.. we dove deeper on this one during active listening and it became I hate working out because I can’t control my appearance 

I hate working out because I hate people watching me

I hate working out because no one else does it and I don’t want to be alone 

I hate working out because when I am sore I cannot do my job 

I hate working out because it makes me more hungry so I eat more and gain weight 

Did you find yourself in my partner? Did you find someone you know in these statement. If so, please copy this link right now because I am getting ready to bust down a few of these doors on hating fitness ( and there are some things that you have never heard before!!! ) 


Your body hurting especially specific body parts is not normal! This is not no pain no gain mentality! There are very specific modifications that you can do to reach the same goal HEALTH and/or SEXY BOD without pain. It literally is the whole freaking reason I built this wellness business as a physical therapist so I can help you move well and pain free. 

Example: Squats hurt my knees. NO MORE SQUATS RIGHT NOW. Try high knees if you want the cardio component. Try glut wall taps if you want to work on the motion without pain. Try TRX squats to offload the weight, add a band, add a box. Give yourself support until the movement looks great and feels great! 



No one has time for fitness. Also none of us can afford not to make time. If you do not make time for health you will be forced to make time for sickness as the old saying goes! I will speak from personal experience I literally get time from working out. I am more productive, I am more focused, and I am kinder. Also, it is something that we do as a family now so I still see my family there and it is great bonding. How can you make time? Try for 1 month to use the phrase “I do not want to make time to work out” if that makes you not feel good then it means you have a desire and where there is a will there is a way. 


Photo by Luka Siemionov on Pexels.com


Alright brace yourself here… I literally have left the gym with my pants covered in pee, I reek of BO, vagina, and urine and guess what I shower and become a normal human again AND I still have friends at the gym because well they have this same issue. 

I once thought it would be fun to run a 1/2 marathon in shorts. My thighs clapped really hard for me and my efforts and guess what? When I finished my friend said “Nicole I think you started your period” Nope just blood dripping down my thighs from my massive chafing! 

My point is I have looked stupid, I have smelled horrendous, I have made horrible noises. I laugh at myself. Yes, I occasionally cry and wish I looked like the Nike model but I don’t and that is no reason to give up how great I feel. Point is, get over it. We are all ugly when it comes to fitness except Brooke Wells she is a goddess but the rest of us humans we look, smell, and sound weird. Come join the tribe, we are accepting I promise (because they accepted me) 



Do not eat everything in sight just because you are working out. That is rule number one. Next rule, you do not workout to eat. And you do not workout because you ate! 

Now a reasonable statement, the hunger you feel that is your metabolism turning on and working for you! You are burning calories YAY! Next reasonable statement when you body wants fuel to work give it the best you can. And if you need help because you consume 6 reese eggs because you got ticked at work and are an emotional eater then I have just the nutritionist for you! (She is currently helping me and my tendencies) 


It is a lonely journey sometimes. You partner is your core values. It is your tenacity and grit. It is knowing that when your spouse, friends, and family finally join you that you are going to change their lives! Your journey will not be lonely for long I promise just stay true to your goals. 

So here is the deal 

  1. Do what you love. If you do not know what you love, try a bunch of things but give yourself at least 1 month at each junction before you make a finally decision for YAY or NAH! 

  2. Find an accountability partner. Someone that loves you so much that they keep you true to yourself and your goals! We are here on Facebook Mobility Athletes and Instagram Mobility Athletes for anything you need! 

  3. Make affirmations not excuses