How To Create Great Relationships Among Women in Sports: Professional Mountain Biker Nikki Peterson

In this episode, Nikki breaks down what it really means to have a professional career as an athlete from being a mentor, to training, to being a great competitor, and having great partnerships with companies.

Nikki is a Professional Mountain Biker for KS Kenda Women, a Professional women’s team that she co-founded with two of her teammates. The team now has four members and strives to set an example for female athletes that you can have a successful career, race at a high level, and have deep community involvement. For her work, Nikki is the Program Coordinator for the NICA SoCal League (National Interscholastic Cycling Association), a non-profit that has nearly 1,500 student-athletes and 800 coaches in the Southern California chapter and over 18,000 student-athletes and 10,000 volunteer coaches nationwide. In this role, she is responsible for building the league’s GRiT program (Girls Riding Together) and Skills Coach Trainer program, among many other responsibilities. She ran cross country and track at the University of Wyoming before getting into cycling. With a B.S. in Nutrition, Elementary Teaching Credential, and M.A. in Education, Nikki is stoked to use her education and life experiences to get kids, coaches, and families enjoying a healthy lifestyle in the outdoors on bikes! 

2:00 How to really incorporate sport into your whole life and the various seasons

2:30 Nikki’s rough upbringing to college running career with a lot of injuries to co owning 2 coffee shops 

3:30-4:19 (“I, PR’ed and I didn’t run a day”) 

8:30 Got her pro license after 1 year and training with women helped get her there

11:00 how to train with an injury and still improve

16:20 How to find other cross training and sports and still be an athlete even if your body needs change 

17:45 How a past employee showed Nikki to be grateful for her body and how it moves 

21:30 Priorities while being an a competitive and motivation is giving back to the community 

21:55-22:48 1 min Group Rides (get a free photo) 

23:00 GRIT program 

26:30 SoCal Women – goal of being approachable 

  • Always Make Time To Be At Sponsors Booths 

31:10 – 43:15  Sponsorship creation 

46:00 Final piece of Advice 

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