Fudge Rounds, Late Nights, Complaining and all my other vices

You wake up on January 1st or on Monday.  You proclaim this would be the big day to start “being good” and then, nothing!  Yep, a big fat nothing. You are not any different than yesterday. I used to question where my zest was that kept me up until midnight preparing for a paleo diet only to end up eating raw cookie dough for breakfast the next morning.  Let’s talk about healthy living hurdles everyone deals with.

There are a lot of things we can all do better. There are many healthy living hurdles that we face that we need to adjust to align with our fitness goals.  This is not about a NEW YOU. It is not about waking up one day and being completely different. It is about actually becoming the authentic you.

Stay with me here. The person that has the dream of having a flat stomach and visible abs by eating vegetables and lean protein at every meal is YOU! Having this vision means your mind already comprehends that this is part of your higher self, all you have to do is accept and stop fighting with it. It doesn’t need to be a goal separate from you, you just need to listen to your body and mind every day.

We let so much noise into our lives daily that when our minds and bodies are telling us what they want we ignore it. One of my mentors explained it best as when you constantly feel the same thing. For example, mine is eating healthy and having more vegetables at every meal. I legit crave it and think about it almost daily. This is our true higher self telling us what we need and deserve to be the best versions of ourselves.

Now, on the opposite hand, we have spontaneous decisions.  Spontaneous decisions can present the following healthy living hurdles.  You know, rummaging through the cabinet for a fudge round because I might starve if I do not eat sugar this instant. Or getting a Coke at a restaurant instead of water when the whole time you intended to get water. Typically, spontaneous decisions, especially those that go against a goal, is our ego making decisions for us. Our ego likes us to play small. Our ego likes us to stay the same because if you stay the same, you are safe. If you make the same mistakes over and over again you know the consequences so there isn’t fear anymore.

What if you listened to your higher self all day today and truly listened to yourself talk to you. Yep, I know I sound like a mad person, but try it. I bet you are surprised at everything you already knew.

Let’s enter this new year accepting ourselves. Let’s accept ourselves enough to listen to true wants and desires and not spontaneous poor choices.

This year, as I change my role and become more dedicated to my core values, I have made 2 commitments to my higher self:

  1. No complaining. This means no gossiping, no talking about how I am tired or sore or grumpy or stressed out. I am living my mother freaking dream life and I will be darned if I am going to let my ego take that away from me!
  2. I am committed to my health. This means a couple of things to me. I am going to work on mindful eating by really listening to what I need and want and not stuffing a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s down while I drive home and eat broccoli because ” I am healthy”. (yep do not judge me, I have done this more than once). It also means I am committed to changing my sleeping patterns, less late nights and more 8 hours of sleep days. I will no longer wear the badge of “I’m so busy and stressed” honor.

Who is with me to find the best versions of themselves??? And truly embody who we already are.  If one of your goals is improved performance, to harness your inner athlete, to do a hard, physical, seems an impossible challenge, to stop having pain, to move better, to sit less, etc. THEN I have a fitness plan for you.


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