Using Online Wellness to Get to Know Your Body with Jen Esquer (Doc Jen Fit)

This week on Mobility Athletes Radio, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jen Esquer, better known as Doc Jen Fit.

Jen has her doctorate in physical therapy, is ranked as one of the best fitness trainers on Instagram by Shape magazine, and has been featured in multiple other magazines and interviewed on multiple podcasts.

Jen’s goal isn’t just to address fitness in the sense of weight loss and how a person looks, but their entire physical well-being.  A big part of this mission is to create a community for people to come together and share tools that allow them to show up as examples for their family, friends and co-workers.  This includes incorporating concepts of physical therapy to help people feel better and make them more aware of their body.

“ … when I think fitness a lot of the times, I think, you know, losing weight and losing belly fat. And all these other things, that is the common language for fitness out there, that is so not where I want to draw my attention or draw people in from. Like my programs, even though it will have functional HIIT workouts and other things, that’s not because I’m promoting that you’re going to lose weight. You’re going to learn about your body. You’re going to see strength, deficits. You’re going to see different things. So my thing has always been how do I kind of step into this fitness world without it being about aesthetics and weight loss, and how do I continue to inspire and promote without it just being about my individual body either.”

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