From Personal Struggles to Chicagos Strong Yogi

This episode is really about Matt showing you the way to develop a plan to become involved in fitness and mindset work to stop your own mental struggles and help others around you heal. Matt’s motto is “let’s be great” and he brings high energy, love, grace, and vulnerability throughout this episode!

1:30 Struggle as a child which lead to becoming an athlete

“I caught this thought of hope, I didn’t know when things would be get better but I knew they would” 

5:20 We survive with connections from each other and we can build together 

“Without the gym I would not be here today” 

7:00 How to establish vulnerability through coaching and fitness 

16:00 Pairing the weight training and yogis 

23:00 Emotional IQ on the field as an athlete 

25:00 “What would happen if we handed out grace like we hand out judgement” 

27:00 How let’s be great started

30:08 The best line of the whole podcast! 

31:00 Get rid of the perfection, “be a person of progression not perfection” 

34:00 Building a tribe and community 

38:00 The future 

41:00 Let’s be great

All the Amazing People and Programs Shouted Out In Our Episode 

Train Moment: https://www.trainmoment.com

Train Moment IG: https://www.instagram.com/trainmoment/

Tyler Pazik: https://www.instagram.com/pazikperformancegroup/

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