I watched as lives played out before me. I watched as smiles moved across faces, feet cut underneath the basket, and memories were implanted. I watched from the crowd. I watched as some of the toughest people I know came face to face with their destiny and adversity simultaneously.


Athlete: Caroline Herman Photo Credit: Rene Lamontagne

There have been times in my career, many times actually where I sit in my car or drive around for hours coming off the high of paying witness to someone’s hard work play out on the big stage. I believe firmly in destiny and I believe in those moments my energy is highest, it is because I was watching in real-time life collide with someone’s destiny.

You can see on their face determination but also you can watch their eyes seeking the truth at the moment, the bigger why. Maybe, you as an athlete have felt it too. I believe sometimes it is manifested in a PR you never imagined, a runner high, a shooting streak that can’t be stopped, but sometimes you see it in the way I have in the last year… you see it even beyond an actual outcome.

Caroline was laying on the mat as I asked do you understand what will happen if you play, most likely your knee cap will dislocate and you will have to put it back in. She nodded yes. I asked if she was able to do it as quickly as possible. She said yes. I said do you want to play? She responded with a resounding yes. She played that night and when her knee dislocated in warm-ups she put in back in, strapped on her brace and played without a word to anyone. Her team made a run to state for the second year straight this year but that was not the highlight that I saw from the season… I saw her destiny revealed on the night she took the winning free throws as the clock behind her held 4.2 seconds mirroring her number 42. The number she wears to honor her cousin, who she tragically lost. I knew in that moment that her light was shining bright and her why would inspire others for years to come. She did not have to put on that jersey. She did not have to play and come back from 2 surgeries. She did not have to wear the number 42 and harness the emotions she felt on the court, but  SHE DID.

As the clock ticked down, the precious 3 minutes were over. There was a hesitancy to get off the Court a resistance that can’t be explained except when you know you have to le


ave somewhere that you feel like you belong. I liken it to the feeling you have

when you leave home to go to college and you call both places home. You know you belong in both but it is impossible to inhabit both at the same time. Spencer knew he belonged on
the court but more than that he knew that he belonged on the bench. He did not belong there because of injury, contrary to what many think. He belonged there because as he sat there sharing in the season with his team mates, being a leader from the sidelines, he realized his true destiny. He knew no matter the outcome for him in sports that he was born to be a leader. He knew that this stage was done and as the lights went off he knew his role had ended for basketball but not as a leader.

Athlete: Spencer Corrona Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Rene LaMontagna

Athlete Spencer Corrona Photo Credit: Rene Lamontagna

Photo Credit: Rene LaMontagna

The alarm clock sounded in the quiet, wee hours of the morning. Curling iron was flipped on and makeup started. Dance shoes, pom poms loaded into her backpack with extra sweats and outfits for the day. To the gym, to rehearse for 2 hours prior to rehearsal. Jess ran sprints up and down a 10 m dash line as the beeps went off signaling if you could continue, she cried through a 5 minute plank hold, and afterwards let her hair down and danced for hours. She trained for months for Colts cheer but she trained for years for the chance to show up for auditions. The high of making it to finals for the second year quickly faded as searing pain down her leg prevented her from being able to get into the splits. She took physical therapy at 1:00am on her drive home from auditions before she headed back to work. 

She works into the splits through tears and kicked higher every time the pain grabbed. She donned the stage for finals and found her place somewhere unexpected. She had sealed her destiny in the long drives to Indianapolis. She knew 2019 would be her year. She could out work, out love, outshine anyone. This is the year she stepped away. She stepped into the light of her own social media company Power Branding. She knew her destiny was to help others, she still felt the hot lights of stage burning, she felt the glamour of photoshoots but this time she was setting them up, perfecting the stage, this time she was fulfilling her destiny to shine bright in the world of fitness. She knew her why and she stayed true even with the pull of prestige and bright lights not because she did not want to try again but because she knew her gifts were meant to be exploited for the good of others here and not on the field.

It is interesting how injuries alter just about every single person’s future I come into contact with. It is not because it limits there potential from then on, it actually exponentially increases their potential. An injury gives each of my athletes a window to recreate their destiny, their purpose. And the ones that grab life by the horns, that are relentless in the pursuit of their new destiny, those are the ones that shine through the tears of a loss and get up faster from failure. Their “why” becomes so imprinted on their hearts and minds in the weeks of physical therapy that they can’t escape the path to shine. Their light automatically empowers others around them to shine.

This is my secret

It has nothing to do with how I provide physical therapy or the exercises I give. My clients secret to success is understanding that they get 6 weeks or 12 weeks or 20 weeks to find their way to seek and live their destiny. They feel it every day, in every workout, their lives are changed. They make my job easy because once they find it, they know without a doubt, no injury can stop their come back. They know their success is inevitable. Their success is no longer depending on any outcome, their success depends on how true they are to themselves and their why. And once my athletes know that in their mind, the universe will stop at nothing to find and fulfill their destiny.

This is how we will all know their names, their successes, their failures, and their dreams. It is why their dreams will light up our communities and change them forever!

Huge thank you to these amazing athletes and their families, Jessica Weesner, Caroline Herman, and Spencer Corrona for allowing me to share your story. Thank you for the honor to work with you and be a part of your amazing lives.

Huge Photo Credit and thank you to Rene LaMontagne for the amazing photos she takes of our high school athletes. We are privileged to have her in this community. Photo Credit also to Jessica Weesner personal Instagram account and Colts cheer.

A final thank you to Good Samaritan Hospital Sports Performance. Without this position as sports performance coordinator and working with the best managers, strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist assistant, peers and organization, I would have never come into contact with these high school athletes.  Without the opportunity and platform to share in the Vincennes community, I never would have had the resources to provide our high school athletes with the care they deserved!

I am honored to be a part of Good Samaritan and Mobility Physical Therapy and Wellness, it is my destiny.