Certified Ironman coach, Tony Williams, joins us to discuss Ironman training: dealing with injuries, listening to your body, and the recovery that comes with being a high-performance athlete.

After a frustrating injury and lengthy diagnosis, Tony offers his wisdom on struggling through an injury, and how he came out of it a better athlete.

The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people is critical in all aspects of training (and life!) Here’s the thing: strength and determination alone will only get yourself so far. It’s the technical aspect of your training, along with the support system around you, that will ultimately make you a better athlete.

Tony dishes advice on what to look for in searching for a coach and walks us through taking a personal inventory of yourself, by getting in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How important it is to see several doctors in different niches before getting your full diagnosis
  • The benefits of surrounding yourself with the right team
  • Using specific programs, so your training doesn’t become stagnant

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