Do you think of yourself as an athlete?

“And by the hard life, I mean a life without passion. A life lived for other people’s expectations. A life where the obstacles that come your way will knock you down and you won’t be able to get back up. It’s a hard life when you’re on the ground and you see everyone else is upright. And you can’t figure out how to get there. There is a time for struggle. Everyone gets knocked down. But when you do the hard things, you can stand back up.”

This week on Mobility Athletes radio, we are taking a break from our normal schedule to honor a fellow athlete.  Her name was Kristen. She was competing with me in an Iron Man 70.3 in Ohio. While competing, she, tragically, lost her life and I along with several other athletes and her team mates were first responders and witnesses to this accident. 

In honor of her life, I finished my 70.3 miles.  I completed 56 miles on the bike, and 13.1 miles running.  I challenge you to complete 70.3 miles in honor of Kristen as well.  It can be running, walking, biking, rowing and it doesn’t have to all be at once.  It can be a mile a day. But I challenge you to do the hard things. To live an extraordinary life.  To be present in the moments, the good and the bad and to appreciate every single second.

As you are completing this challenge for Kristen, please take the time to document it, and tag us on Instagram, @mobilityathletes and use the hashtag #kristens70point3

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