3 steps backward – The answer to restoring your Fitness Foundations

Do not think about fitness instead think about life in general. How many times do you actually crave to go back to your fitness foundations?

You are sitting around complaining about ADULTING.. so what are you dreaming about? You are dreaming about a roof over your head but no bills, a hot dinner but no cooking or dishes. You are craving going back to your foundations!

Everything from cell phones, everywhere you look and people needing to connect back to their communities aka back to their foundations. Paleo eating style… back to your foundations. I could keep going but then why are we so scared to take the opportunity to step back to our foundations with fitness?

Unfortunately, athletes are too blindsided by huge accomplishments like lifting new PRs or hitting a new skill that they skip a lot of the steps to get it. When we skip steps at least one of these three things happens…

  1. You practice FOREVER and never get the skill. Years go by, athletes surpass you. You wonder what you are doing wrong and why you cannot get it!
  2. You hit the skill and within days, weeks, months, you are injured and unable to perform the skill anymore due to pain
  3. You hit the skill but you can never advance the skill to the next phase. I.e. you have pull-ups for multiple years but you cannot get a muscle-up.

We focus on busy athletes and helping them train efficiently. We know you do not have time to lose or waste. You do not have time for busy work while you are training. You also do not have time for an injury.

Let’s start reframing your fitness foundations’ journey here.

  1. What are your goals for the fitness journey? Why do you Crossfit? Why do you compete in a triathlon? Why did you sign up for the 1/2 marathon?
    • Stay focused on this goal. This is the big picture. Does taking 2 weeks to step back and work on your overhead limitation or your stinky running form take you further or closer to this goal?
  2. Would you expect to see a 6-month-old baby running?
    • Well, of course, he has a super athletic family so this should come easy to him. LOL ok maybe not. You know that a baby needs to sit on their own, crawl, kneeling, stand up, cruise around the table, walk, and then and only then would you expect to see them run! You are the same. Hit the “baby steps” first and you will crush the big stuff!
  3. Here are a few back to foundation exercises! Perform these and chant the mantra “Mobility athletes move for life” “I am stepping forward by crushing the stepping stones”

Crawling (yep I told you baby steps!)


Put foam roll on your back and try to crawl (opposite arm opposite leg) without dropping it

Hip Hinge

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Toe touch squat progression

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