How do you know if you are breathing wrong?  Is there a way you can catch this and correct it?

In this episode we will be going through some assessments you can do yourself to discover if you are breathing correctly or incorrectly.

Just as with hydration and eating, there is an optimum amount of air we should be utilizing throughout the day.  Optimizing our breathing is essential for performance as well as recovery, and daily life an health.

I will walk you through the development sequence to standing diaphragm breathing.  This will re-train your body to breathe in a more effective way for everyday life so you don’t become a chronic over breather.  We will also break down the high threshold vs low threshold strategy of breathing.

The assessments we will review in this episode include:

Chronic over breathing Hand on your belly and hand on your chest Functional movement screen Rib flare

Don’t forget to join us next week, I will be sitting down with Jessie Komar to discuss the Wim Hof breathing method and the breathing strategies he has perfected that have completely changed the trajectory of his fitness and life.

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