Training Session: You ARE an Athlete

2019-07-16T04:37:45+00:00Our Podcast|

Do you think of yourself as an athlete? Lots of people don’t - they only consider themselves as a “fitness enthusiast.” Well guess what, an athlete is anyone proficient in ANY sport. (It doesn’t mean you have to be a professional at it!) An athlete is someone who enjoys working out, has a desire to [...]

It’s Not Just About The Win

2019-07-16T04:33:29+00:00Our Podcast|

Owner of CrossFit Currahee and Brute Strength Coach, Todd Wise, joins us to discuss his journey as an athlete and how mindset played such a crucial role. From starting in Child Development and Psychology, moving into entrepreneurship and then personal training Todd was always steadfast in his ability to adapt to change. In [...]

Managing Your Training During an Injury

2019-07-16T04:29:16+00:00Our Podcast|

Certified Ironman coach, Tony Williams, joins us to discuss Ironman training: dealing with injuries, listening to your body, and the recovery that comes with being a high-performance athlete. After a frustrating injury and lengthy diagnosis, Tony offers his wisdom on struggling through an injury, and how he came out of it a better [...]

Your Modern-Day Medicine: MOVEMENT

2019-07-16T04:25:48+00:00Our Podcast|

Here’s an empowering solution to improving your health that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical medicine or surgery... The #1 way you can reduce your ailments is to get your body moving. ‘Movement’ may look different for everyone - but the real answers to alleviating pain are through exercise and nutrition. Learn how Crossfit lead [...]