ATLAS GAMES SERIES: My Why with Occupational Therapist and Crossfit Athlete Gretchen Key

This Mobility Athlete’s podcast features Gretchen Key, who is both an occupational therapist and a crossfit athlete. Gretchen focuses on her sleep and nutrition to become the best version of herself in an out of competition. She believes that listening to your body is a key to success!

Episode Notes:

-00:00:58 Intro for Gretchen Kay
-00:01:32 Gretchen begins speaking about experience @ Wodapalooza Sanctional
-00:02:18 Gretchen speaks pros and cons about competing with unfamiliar athletes
-00:03:15 Personality blends a team better than physical attributes
-00:03:33 Worst workout for Gretchen (lost a shoe, hold the worm, etc)
-00:04:32 Workout can be considered reward for athlete
-00:05:34 How did Gretchen grow up and become a crossfit athlete?
-00:05:42 Desire to play more than one sport, wanted to begin body building/crossfit in college for competition (perfect mix)
-00:07:30 Nicole speaks about crossfit athletes in sports excelling/not excelling
-00:08:15 Biggest differences in Gretchen physically, mentally, etc
-00:09:22 Gretchen tells story about volleyball tryouts (extremely sore after one practice)
-00:10:28 Crossfit can change your mentality on anything in life (you can get through anything!)
-1 MINUTE–00:12:00-00:13:00 Crossfit can teach you and introduce you to things that are uncomfortable (forces growth)
-00:12:50 Effects from change sanctionals v. regionals
-00:13:55 Pros and cons for Gretchen’s training post change
-00:14:48 Helpful to have a coach guide you in the right direction in times of uncertainty
-00:15:33 BREAK
-00:17:08 Coach setting athlete up for success in every way
-00:18:54 Top priorities for Gretchen during training
-00:20:15 Staying healthy is top priority! & Coach educating athlete
-00:21:00 Typical training week for Gretchen (training, work, family life, rest days, two-a-days)
-00:22:44 Athletes complaining about doing the same things instead of focusing on more important big picture ideas (staying healthy/fit, mobility, etc)
-00:23:45 Supplements or other ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that Gretchen regularly consumes
-00:24:48 Athlete’s nowadays unable to control nutrition and sleep
-00:25:57 Manage your stressors!
-00:27:08 Listen to your body! (ex: rest days) Become in-tune with your body
-15 SECONDS–00:28:14-00:28:29 Gretchen tells story about Wodapalooza (listening to body)
-00:29:05 Biggest changes: lack of sleep and poor/different nutrition
-00:31:05 Gretchen’s advice for other people wanting to join crossfit
-00:31:47 Crossfit is for everybody! (‘Put your ego aside’)
-00:33:06 ‘Crossfit doesn’t cause injuries, Your ego causes injuries’
-00:34:10 ‘Walk through the door and be confident in what you have’ (listen to your body!)
-00:34:50 Advice for crossfit athlete that wants to take it to the next level (get a coach, PT, sports massage, etc)
-00:35:48 Plans for the rest of the year for Gretchen (Post-Atlas Games)
-00:37:10 Outside of crossfit Gretchen plans to start golfing (Another PUG!)
-00:38:38 Where to find Gretchen! (Instagram, Facebook, Website)
-00:40:22 Exit comments from Nicole

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