ATLAS GAMES SERIES: My Why with Austin Spencer

This episode collaborates with CrossFit Athlete and Misfit Athletics coach Austin Spencer. Austin speaks about his experiences as a coach and athlete. Developing and depending on relationships with others is what is most important to him and his training!

Notes for Episode:
0:38 Introduction of guest Austin Spencer
1:25 How Austin merged into the sport of CrossFit
2:40 How Austin merged into becoming a coach
4:28 How Misfit Athletics came to be and how it has shaped Austin as an athlete/coach
5:50 Austin speaks about how well put together CrossFit is
6:25 Austin tells story of competing individually
7:41 Austin speaks about his biggest differences competitively after change from regionals to sanctionals
11:02 How Austin keeps his Misfit Athletics athletes adaptable
12:13 Austin speaks about his personal training
14:32 Most difficult challenges Austin had to overcome and learn from coming into CrossFit
ONE MINUTE– 15:20-16:20 Austin explains how mental toughness is one of the most challenging things he’s had to battle with
16:27 BREAK
17:44 Austin speaks about what he focuses on mindset-wise
18:55 Sleep is important!
20:20 What drives Austin to continue to want to be active in CrossFit
21:20 Austin talks about how his training team keeps him motivated
23:20 Athletes nowadays are focused on reaching the ultimate level
24:30 Austin talks about how having fun with it makes it all worthwhile
25:05 Make sure your buckets of life are well-balanced!
26:32 Austin talks about training with his Caroline daily and his nutrition compared to her’s
28:08 Austin speaks on being competitive with his Caroline while training
30:00 Being able to cheer on your spouse during training is something special that not a lot of people get to experience!
30:50 Austin talks about how special it is getting to watch Caroline compete
31:55 What else we can expect to see Austin compete in
33:40 Austin talks about excitement for ATLAS Games!
15 SECONDS– 34:21-34:36 Austin’s advice for athletes is to have people around you that keep you motivated

Editing Notes for Episode:

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Guest Bio
Austin was the only individual qualifier from CrossFit MF in 2016. He planned on not only getting back to Regionals in 2017, but improving his placement at Regionals. He discovered just qualifying again would be a challenge. As circumstance in his life forced his schedule to be more inconsistant, so went his training from time to time. The small bumps in the road did not steer him away from his goals. Even on days when he trained alone, he had reports from the group as to how the workouts went, ways to attack them, and scores to chase. When Austin finally got the news that he had qualified for Regionals again, he admitted to me that he felt that he “underperformed” and was not happy with his Open performance. This biggest thing I took from that conversation was that he was learning from the experience and ready to put it behind him. If it was only Austin in qualifying position for Regionals again, he may not have felt as strongly about his lack of performance. But because all his training partners that he usually bests finished above him on the leaderboard, his perspective seems obvious, and serves as free motivation for future opportunity during training. The group adds perspective.