This week on Mobility Athletes Radio, we will be talking to Gretchen Schnautz.

Gretchen has her masters in Occupational Therapy and her bachelors in Exercise Science.  She has been an avid athlete for years, but has been focusing mainly on Crossfit for the past 3 years.  When she developed Key Nutrition and Performance she wanted to give people more than just your basic nutrition and workout programs, she wanted to truly support people in upleveling their routines.

In this episode, we will focus a lot on your nutrition’s role in recovery.  And one of the biggest things Gretchen sees is the lack of protein in her client’s diets.  Making sure you are consuming enough protein is going to be the number one thing you can do to improve recovery.

We also talk about:

  • The timing of consuming meals after a workout
  • The concept of homeostasis in reference to eating and your bodies reaction
  • The purpose of refeeding days
  • Some other myths surrounding nutrition 

If you’ve been dying to know which rice is better, brown vs. white, you have to check this episode out.

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