Equipment Must Haves for Your Athletic Recovery

In this episode of Mobility Athletes Radio, we will break down three specific aspects of recovery.  How we can aide our body in recovery, and what equipment we should consider to aide in our body’s recovery.

Some different pieces of equipment we are going to discuss include:

  • Normatec boots or some form of compression system
  • Power dots or any electrical stimulation
  • Theraguns or any compression based self massage therapy
  • Foam rollers or anything you can use to self-massage

Stay tuned until the end of the episode, we will also be running through a competitive recovery routine if you aren’t able to travel with a trainer or physical therapist.  This routine will take you through a day of three workouts, as if you were doing some cross fit competition or triathlon.

Did you enjoy this episode?  Take a screenshot to post in your IG stories and tag us! @mobilityathletes

Did you enjoy this episode?  

Take a screenshot to post in your IG stories and tag us! @mobilityathletes

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