Online Physical Therapy Near Me with Rob Vining

On this episode of Mobility Athletes we will be discussing the concept of telehealth with  Rob Vining, the co-founder of P.T. Live. For those who don’t know what that is, it allows us to communicate with our clients and customers via a direct chat and make appointments right on our website.

One thing telehealth has allowed us to potentially do, is get back to the one on one appointments that are about an hour long.  It allows convenience for the customer, it allows the therapist to focus on the client and it allows the medical professional to go back to the roots of treating 1 patient per hour, instead of the volume driven system we see now.

Another point Rob made, that I love, is creating a system where a physical therapist can function as a triage online.  This would get patients to the practitioner they need to see in a timely fashion, and allows practitioners to focus on the patient because they wouldn’t have to deal with the volume they are currently seeing.  This can all be done remotely from the internet if you are working with a trainer professional.

We can be that pressure valve that allows patients to still get where they need to go in a convenient manner.”

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