Programming Active Recovery Workouts with Nick Fowler

On this week’s episode, we are talking with Nick Fowler, owner of Massif Athletics and director of strength and conditioning at Brute Strength.

Nick is a sought-after coach and trainer for high level athletes, focusing on an interdisciplinary approach for long-term performance gains.  In terms of recovery, Nick approaches this in a way that encompasses 4 different stress types we should be recovering from: psychological, metabolic, neurological, and physical.

By looking at 3 different areas in our lives, we can create a plan that incorporates recovery into our everyday lives. The 3 areas that we need to focus on are:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Rest days 

All of the above areas contribute to how your central nervous system function and hormones react and these are all parts of the process to prime your body for recovery.

“The best recovery is in [the] preparation.” – Nick Fowler

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