Burn the ship and take the island.  You scream this with gusto and your men and your ego follow suit and burn the ships. This is what I would call on a daily basis to be motivated.

It’s that amazing moment when everything is coming together, you just went to a summit or an athlete camp. You feel high like you can conquer anything, and this year will be your mother freaking year!

Burn the Ships. Train Your Heart Out. Build That Business. Take All The Action.

But then on day 3 or week 4 or month 11 when you realize, you will battle for the island every day, you look longingly to the horizon.

You pray for another boat to pull up to the island.

You wish you hadn’t burned the boat. You pray and dream about the boat coming back.

You get mad and lash out at those around you who encouraged you to burn the boat.

Your ego screams in rage and you push away the people who told you not to burn the boat because heaven forbid you to be wrong.

Your ability to be motivated is gone. In the role of negative thoughts and poor self-talk, you dig yourself a hole in the sand and stay there as waves wash over you.


But, What if you don’t burn the boat?

What if we dismember the boat, take it apart piece by piece, and build your new life with its foundation?

What if the boat turns into the shelter on the island?

Can you forage the inside to make ladders to climb the trees and rummage through to find food to use for gardening?

Don’t burn the boat and take your new life. Dismember the boat and build a new life.

It doesn’t take a strong-willed man to burn a boat in a heat of passion (maybe that is why the leader got his men to do it, he knew they would not be mentally strong enough to take the island without the push of no backup plan)

It takes a lot of bravery to tear your boat apart piece by piece and repurpose and build something new week by week, month by month. 

It is about the long game.

You won’t take the island in a battle and it is over.

There will be war and peace.

There will be building and tearing down.

There will be highs and lows

And trust me, you are going to want the pieces of your boat not to sail away on

But to stand on or sit under when the seasons call for rest.

Burn the boat and take your new life or dismember the boat and build a new life. Your choice, either way, set yourself up for success.  Time to get motivated.